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Reliable TICA registered cattery 
Our Bengal babies are all raised in house with our family and get plenty of attention, affection and playtime. All kittens are exposed to social situations which include friends, other family members, dogs and other cats. 


Our Queens


SILVERKINGDOM SILVER BELLE OF MYBENGAL DREAM "CYNDER" is a silver queen. She had a beautiful litter of 6 in August 2020


SPOTACAT EMBER OF MYBENGALDREAM is our silver queen. She will be welcoming her first litter in the coming year


MYBENGALDREAM ASPEN is our special silver snow lynx queen.


SNOWSHADOWS AYLA OF MYBENGALDREAM is a retired queen who now lives with a wonderful family, enjoying her life to its fullest


Our Studs 


BENGALUXE REMINGTON OF MYBENGALDREAM  is our up and coming stud. He’s a charcoal snow mink. Coming to us from Bengaluxe. We are so excited to be adding him to our breeding program


BARILEM RYDER OF MYBENGALDREAM is our gorgeous silver stud. He has an outstanding personality that he passes down to his kittens.



2021 kittens  ❤️


Feel free to inquire about availability of kittens. 


Past Litters












Brown Spotted Kittens 

Starting at $2000

Snow Kittens

Starting at $2000

Silver Kittens

Starting at $2000

Breeding/Show Kittens:
$3000 to $3500
To approved catteries only


* Spay or Neuter (for pets)
* 2x Vaccinations
* Microchip
* Regular Deworming (4 times)
* TICA Registration Papers
* Sample of raw/kibble they are eating 
* Health Guarantee* Blanket & Toy * 30 day pet insurance with Trupanion

Parents have been fully genetically tested by Optimal Selection and are free of genetic disorders including PK def and PRA-b

Lifetime breeder support. We are always available for any question, concerns and of course we love to get updates on all our kittens 


Ziggydoo cat wheel 

All of our Bengals, of all ages love the ziggydoo cat wheel. A safe and fun way to exercise and relieve boredom. 



Litter box


Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Pan/Litter Box with Frame

We use these sifting litter boxes with soft wood pellets. Best litter we have found. Absorbs the urine, along with the smell and turns the pellets to dust. Gently shake the tray and the dust falls to the pan. Empty the pan and your litter box is clean 😊 no tracking like clumping litter 
Get yours by clicking the link 






Pyper has been the most amazing addition to our little family. Toby loves her and both B and I absolutely adore her. She has the biggest personality! She came home and adapted so well. No crying, she did not seem scared or uncomfortable at all. She acted as if she had been living in our home her entire life. My Bengal Dream does an INCREDIBLE job with their kittens as for socializing and making them the most affectionate, easy going, fun bengals ever! This morning she started playing fetch with me on her own! Such a smart girl! A huge thank you goes out to them for my sweet angel! ❤️


I am so pleased with my two Bengal kittens.   They are so well socialized and already used to dogs and cats so it's been really easy to introduce them to my 4 dogs and 2 rescue cats.  I highly recommend My Bengal Dream to purchase a very healthy and well cared for Bengal baby💖


The Bengal cat breed is the best. However, in order to appreciate the experience of having a Bengal at home, it is important that the breeder gives a lot of his time and love to these little balls of energy. I confirm that My Bengal Dream has all the characteristics of an excellent breeder. They took the time to answer all our questions and kept us updated on the evolution of our kitten. When we brought Ryu home, he adjusted very well with Nala, our 3-year-old Bengal cat. Even after adopting Ryu, Dennis and Krsytal continued to offer amazing client service. I highly recommend them and if I could have a 3rd cat I would not hesitate  a second to do business with them again.


It’s my first time owning a Bengal cat and wow was I missing out. They are an amazing,unique and beautiful breed. He is a very energetic cat who keeps my seven year old busy for hours. I also have a baby at home who he is great around, it’s almost like he knows she’s a baby too. I also have a 7 year old tabby cat and a 10 year old chihuahua whom adapted to him within a week and they all get along great. Kryss and her husband were amazing to deal with as it was my first time dealing with a breeder. They explained everything about him so thoroughly and made sure I went home with everything I needed and answered any questions I had. They are so amazing with the many animals they have and the kittens get all the right attention. They even show you updates and like to stay in touch. I think that’s amazing cause when we brought our kitten home he adapted so quickly and was never skiddish at all. If you’ve never owned a Bengal I highly recommend this fun and loving breed. I hope to deal with them again in the future!!!!


We are new to owning a Bengal, and our boy Apollo from My Bengal Dream is the absolute best. He is a smart, confident, brave, and just the absolute sweetest kitten. Kryss and Dennis pour all their hearts and souls into these kittens and it shows. We have never seen a kitten so well adjusted and experienced with so many different things. He came into our home and immediately came out of the crate and took ownership of the house. No crying. No hiding. Walked the parameter of the house and then immediately started playing with his toys. Apollo is so affectionate, he loves us so much, and is always within our sight. When he isn't he calls out and makes sure he can still hear our voices. He came into our home and already knows where he can and can not scratch, how to use his litter box, and knows his name! If you are only concerned about a price tag then this isn't the breeder for you. When you get a kitten from My Bengal Dream you are getting a member of their family. A little creature that only knows love and who's well being will always come first. So much time and effort is poured into their kittens. When you get a kitten from My Bengal Dream you are getting a breeder for life. You will always be kept in the loop of how your kitten is doing from the time you reserve it, until the day it comes home. Apollo is the best little guy, and I truely believe he was meant to be in our home.


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